White Eyes-4.png

A divine account of synchronicity and pursuit: My journey of darkness led me to the mountains of Portugal, then carried me to a beautiful sanctuary to receive a ceremonial cup of golden light. For She has blessed me with gifts and teachings to create the perfect passage to heal those who create darkness, and bring those in darkness back to light. To those who are chosen: together we can elevate consciousness and create a world without suffering. We were created with purpose. White Eyes is such a vital part of the direction that has been given to me. It has taken me 3 years to finally adjust from the phenomenon the Universe has filled me with. White Eyes has been a perfect narrative image for them to communicate, and it is through guidance I create this as a platform. Therefore I do not consider this work exclusively my own, almost every intention I’ve made has been in the pursuit in achieving my purpose. This is my work. To serve the Divine.

I am Archangel Noah.