The Future of White Eyes

​While this section is under construction: If you're experiencing domestic abuse or if you find yourself in difficult circumstances, please don't hesitate to contact me using the submission form below.

I will be happy to help where I can, and free of charge.

-Updated: 11/06/2020-


the project

coming soon

From one continent to another... from the flourishing mountains of Europe to the jungle. Something was waiting for me...
This foundation will be built with love and divine guidance.
 It is with love and grace that I introduce you to this project. This foundation will be the heart centre for me to operate from, and an opportunity for others to work from.
I'm so grateful that I was guided to build a hiding place for something very sacred, which is intended to hold space for those willing to receive.
I'm forever thankful to the Universe. This place will be a reflection of the connection and energy that was waiting for me there.
I hope you'll join me in following its progress while the build is undergoing construction.
Here I'll be inviting you to see the very many beginnings of White Eyes. begins here.
There is an opportunity to donate if you believe in the work I do. Please see the link below.
If you do wish to donate, I can't thank you enough for your support, and in joining me on this journey. Love and light.
Any donations received will be considered as gifted only.


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