At the edge of all the light we have...


Everyone loves a story.

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When the time is right (and without bias): I intend to share with you my story and the phenomenon that helped me run from my own country, leading me to Aya, and back again to pursue a job She had for me.

Before anything else, it's important that I heal myself, and to establish myself so I can remove all obstacles in order to heal others. To be clear: "I can't play on broken strings"... So right now I'm creating a life without limitations, where I can focus on more of what is required in me to help me grow and upgrade.


Overall, this page will reflect and outline a timeline of events from my earliest memories: so you can get to know me, my connection with the universe, and understand the foundation I'm building from.

Please see the intention I have for White Eyes below.

​My Intention

I put intention into White Eyes to serve me to stay on the path for my purpose, and that purpose alone. I endeavour to create an opportunity for others to come together as a community, to provide a sense of trust and nobility to serve. To have intention to spread the light and live as light, and to remove all obstacles that prevent us from doing so. To remove fear so we can achieve the elevation in others, and grow from planting seeds during our travels for the people we meet along the way... So one at a time we can all be found again, and come together to create Heaven here on Earth.

...So here lies the beginning of something bigger than myself…


You are loved. Love and light.

To be continued…

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